Gracie Jiu jitsu knoxville, Gracie Barra at the Metamoris

Gracie Barra’s Prof. Braulio Estima in Metamoris Pro II

Fight fans! This is it. What we have all been waiting for. Metamoris Pro II is within reach. Just 7 weeks from now. And what’s good about it? EVERYTHING. Metamoris Pro’s initial success back in October of 2011 sent shock waves all over the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Fans clamored for more of Metamoris to happen. It didn’t take the organizers long to realize this. Metamoris Pro II will now happen on the 9th of June in Los Angeles California. For those who missed out Metamoris I, check out the YouTube feeds here.

This year’s Metamoris Pro’s fight card just got interesting. On top of the main event featuring Kron Gracie rolling it out with Shinya Aoki, the fans who clamored to see a good fight will get what they wanted: Braulio Estima in the fight card. 3x Jiu-Jitsu world champion, 2x ADCC Absolute title holder. Head of Gracie Barra Birmingham in London, and known of his excellent submission and grinding disposition on the mats, Braulio will go against Rodolfo Vieira. Both are equally dangerous in their submission game. What’s so special about it? Simply put, metamoris pro is 20 minutes of no-points, just-submission Jiu-Jitsu invitation. It showcases the who’s-who in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Stay tuned for Braulio Estima’s interview to be posted within the week!


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